Accordion book project / I Learn America

💥Process of the #accordionbook project with the students from Maryland, using the art book and printmaking (silkscreen and relief stamps) to create a visual narrative of their journey from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba y Guatemala to the US. The students work at Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center coordinated by @ilearnamerica collaborating with artist @islammaly Laura Bejarano and teacher Andrea stay tuned for their presentation at “the National Gallery” in DC. Shoutout to their hard work by pulling out a great project💥

Residency “I learn America” in Los Angeles

Process of the residency with the film / project “I learn America” and artist Kate Deciccio.

The students designed this amazing artwork in every “carro paletero” based on personal stories from their hometowns (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico) their traveling and current life in LA.

The car was stamped directly, wheat pasted and hand painted. ☝🏾swipe to see more pictures .

Pictures by Jean Michel Dissard